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BBM is Grateful to his Lawyer VP on her Father’s Birthday


By: Elena Grace Flores



Lawyer Vice President

BBM is grateful to his lawyer Vice President, Inday Sara Duterte. He said that he’s the luckiest to have a Vice President who is the best. She’s the kindest, the most brilliant and the bravest. So, in this coming elections, we should make her the official VP of the country, he stressed.

Thanking the President

On the occasion of the recent birthday of President Rodrigo Duterte, BBM gave thanks to him for all the great things that the Filipino leader has done to the country. He vows to continue what he started. The, he leads the crowd to sing the lawyer President the Happy Birthday song.

Campaign since 2016

Bongbong Marcos urges the crowd to shout Duterte for VP. He mentioned that that has been their intention since 2016. It means, their alliance did not happen overnight. They definitely have some kind of understanding with the President ever since he lost to another VP lawyer, Leni Robredo. Therefore, the President’s endorsement of BBM as his successor is on the horizon.

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