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BBM & Sara can Claim 2 Million More Votes from the INC


By: Elena Grace Flores

Ilocano Ako
[VIDEO]: The signs of the INC’s choices for the elections 2022

Can Claim 2 Million Votes

It is said that the INC votes are 3% of the overall national returns. So, if the country has more or less 57 million registered voters, the INC votes are more or less 2 million votes. BBM and Sara can easily claim this or whoever can get the INC’s endorsement. However, there are signs that Iglesia ni Cristo will endorse the Uniteam according to their belief.

Aspirants who Try to Get INC’s Support

Despite the wide lead, BBM and Sara still seek the INC’s endorsement. This is followed by Ping Lacson, Leni Robredo, and Manny Pacquiao. However, only the Uniteam got the nod for their campaign launch at the INC’s Philippine Arena.

INC’s 2016 Claim

THE INC’s teaching revolves around unity. This is the reason for the block voting. Therefore, many members claimed that their votes were not counted in 2016. Some of the precincts in Mindanao where the INC churches existed had 0 votes for Bongbong Marcos. This was very impossible as per their doctrine. This was one of the reasons why Marcos filed an electoral protest against VP Leni Robredo.

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