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BBM: Two Justices Made his case a Bad Precedent for Future Electoral Protests

electoral protest

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Bongbong Marcos

Two Justices Hid the Evidence from the other Magistrates

Junking the Electoral Protest from Day One

Bongbong Marcos said that the tribunal should have junked his 3rd cause of action from day one. This is if it was going to end up dismissing the case. Worst, the action happened without hearing all the evidence. This is very clear in the discovery of fake voters in Mindanao. The Comelec has the official result of another electoral protest in the area.

Lenghthy and Costly

The PET made Marcos pay P66 million for the electoral protest. They made his camp wait for almost 5 years. They made them believe that the annulment was a separate, distinct and independent cause of action. But in the end, they only decide on the case without affording him due process. He particularly mentioned Justices Leonen and Caguioa.

Bad Precedent for Future Electoral Protests

Thhe outcome of Marcos’ electoral protest is a very bad precedent. This is because in the future, no one in their right mind would dare contest the results of an election. It is an expensive and time consuming exercise,” Marcos explained.

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