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BBM Wins the Wealth of Information Race Backed by Real People


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Marcos Jr. claims ‘fake news involved’ in ill-gotten wealth, estate tax cases

Wealth of Information vs. Misinformation

Ill-gotten wealth, estate taxes and other accusations have a lot of fake news in them, said BBM. The fact that they claimed facts are not really facts, he added. He suggests to live the case with the lawyers because some politicians are not familiar with them or refused to be familiar with them.

Court Order

Bongbong Marcos also said that whatever the court orders, he will do. Look at the tax evasion accusation for example. Many lawyers and accountants resorted to social media to explain that BBM’s case was not tax evasion. The withholding tax of a government employee is withheld by the government itself. So, as a public servant, Marcos just can’t evade paying his income tax.

Wealth of Information

The wealth of information online is the work of real and passionate people. Trolls cannot be identified. But Marcos’s defenses online normally come from knowledgeable bloggers. They post betting on their reputation. So, there’s definitely no troll who can blog. Some biased mainstream media just cannot accept that the public believes them more than them. So, BBM wins this race for true information.

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