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BBM’s Fierce Opponent in the 2022 Election can Kill even their Own Like Ninoy

2022 Election

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Philippine Shocking History

Killing their Own to Gain Popularity in the 2022 Election
A tragic scenario is very effective in Philippine politics. Such is coming up in the 2022 Election. Take the case of Ninoy Aquino’s assassination. There are 6 suspects in the case but no investigations. Despite the two presidential terms of the Aquinos. Many testify that it’s the cousin of the late President Cory Aquino. However, the media prefer to demonize Imelda Marcos. This is to discredit Ferdinand Marcos. So, the alleged People Power happened.

A Repeat of the 2016 Incident

The son of Ninoy, the late President Noynoy Aquino swore that he would do anything to block Bongbong Marcos from the Vice Presidency. His party took Leni Robredo. Then suddenly, she became a widow. Her late husband Jesse Robredo had a helicopter mishap. No further investigations as ordered by the berieved wife.

Face to Face again in 2022 Election

Whoever the candidate may be to oppose Bongbong Marcos in the 2022 Election, can only come from the same party. Sure enough, as the president tries to answer all the allegations against him, this one tops as his number one critic. One who is also a darling of the media. At the last minute, this candidate would declare such candidacy. It would be like 2016 again but this time, in the Presidential race. However, the people are now wiser due to the pandemic.

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  1. I will support BBM for his presidential bid and not in any other position. Go BBM for President!

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