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BBM’s Foreign Investment Claim is More Real than what Fact-Checkers Say


By: Elena Grace Flores

ANC 24/7

[VIDEO]: Marcos Jr. claims foreign investors not scared of another Marcos administration

BBM’s Foreign Investment Claim

Bongbong Marcos claims that foreign investors are not scared of another Marcos administration. The late president Ferdinand Marcos had good ties with many countries. In fact, political stability through his unity concept can lure investments in the Philippines.

A Victim of Fake News

BBM claims that he himself is a victim of fake news. He does not propagate them contrary to what his critics claimed. Foreign investors should know how they tainted the reputation of his family for more than 30 years now. Nonetheless, he continues to be popular with people. Because they can still feel the love of his father and mother until now through their projects for the Filipinos. Then investments will flow because of trust.

Some Fact-Checkers have their Own Agenda

These alleged fact-checkers are only fact-checking one side of the story, said BBM. They even fact-check what he said in an interview. For one, he explained that corruption can’t be wiped out because it’s a human condition. But it does not mean that he won’t try to stop it. They only solicit reactions from other presidential aspirants to put spices into the story. Well, foreign investors are smart enough to know that these media are somehow biased. They look more into business incentives and safety for their investment claims.

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