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BBM’s Improved Version of his Father’s Vision for the Economy


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Bongbong Marcos

Implementing what Works for the Economy
Bongbong Marcos reviews the works and visions of his father. This is during his 104th birthday recently. He highlights the major components that can progress the economy. Agriculture and infrastructure are now way too familiar. Healthcare and education are in the front seat due to the pandemic. Industrialization is worth exploring.

Direct Food System

The Kadiwa direct food distribution system was a hit during the late president Ferdinand Marcos’ time. A nation can only flourish if its citizens are nourished. Importing foodstuff must be minimized. Instead, food production through the agricultural sector must be a priority. Together with advanced researches to improve harvests. Coupled with the technology-enhanced education system.


To explore natural energy is always on the table during the Marcos regime. In fact, the windmills only exist in the Marcos bailiwick, Ilocos Norte. Since everything is now dependent on the internet, its infrastructure must also improve together with the needs, Bongbong Marcos said. Solar power is also something that needs to grow in number. Plus the development of environmentally-friendly fuel for healthier Philipines.

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