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BBM’s Lawyer: The Ruling is Not the Question but How was the 3rd Cause of Action Tackled?


By: Elena Grace Flores

An Interview with Atty. Vic Rodriquez on the Dismissal of Bongbong Marcos’ Electoral Protest

The SC Supeme Court Spokesperson has No Clue

Lawyer and spokesperson of the Bongbong Marcos camp, Atty. Vic Rodriguez said; They’re actually not into winning or losing. This is regarding the electoral protest of Bongbong Marcos against VP Leni Robredo. They want to know how’s the 3rd cause of action went. This is the annulment of votes in Mindanao. He, however, hopes that comments of the PET can be found in the resolution which they do not have a copy yet. It is important to clarify this because mishandling of the case has constitutional implications.

People are Stripped with Election Rights

Most lawmakers except a few like Senators Tito Sotto and Imee Marcos are not doing enough to eliminate Smartmatic. It’s either they are its products or they do not care about the people’s choice. The voting right is the only remaining power the Filipinos have. Unfortunately, the provider of the digital election still has a monopoly.

Social Media Noise

There is an outpour of public sentiments. Marcos loyalists vow to campaign for Marcos’ presidency in 2022. Nonetheless, doubts are on the rise. That Smartmatic would deny again the majority’s choice. Clean election advocates call on the people. To help make noises via social media. The intention is to possibly implement measures like the hybrid system. Then, minimize the involvement of Smartmatic. Better yet, remove it totally. Just like what the President wishes. So, it’s now the people vs. Comelec.

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