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BBM’s Popularity Surges as Media Publicized the Opposition’s Tax Propaganda to Disqualify Him


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Atty. Larry Gadon defends BBM on alleged non-filing of tax case.

The Opposition’s Tax Propaganda

Netizens express their sympathy for Bongbong Marcos after the mainstream media publicized the effort of civic groups that push for the release of martial law money. They said in their petition that the presidential aspirant cannot file his COC because he’s allegedly a criminal. This tax propaganda actually makes the opposition looks dumb.

A Non-sense Move

Marcos already ran and won as a senator. Previously, he almost won the Vice Presidency as well if not because of massive cheating. Atty. Larry Gadon speculates that his rival may be very scared now because he is getting stronger than ever. His detractors did not bother to file the same case before because they were still in the administration. Now, President Rodrigo Duterte will not allow the Dilawans to manipulate the election system.

No Moral Torpitude Inclination

Atty. Gadon explains that the non-filing of tax case was cleared in August 2009. It is in public records named the people of the Philippines vs. Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. On top of that, Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez clarifies that they cannot disqualify Marcos because moral turpitude requires at least 18 months imprisonment verdict which he did not get. Therefore, netizens can’t help but defend Marcos online.

1 thought on “BBM’s Popularity Surges as Media Publicized the Opposition’s Tax Propaganda to Disqualify Him

  1. Marcos did not evade paying his tax. There is a withholding tax on his salaries as Governor. He merely failed to file an Income Tax Return and was only fined. There is no tax evasion.

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