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BBM’s Priority as President Does Not Include Punishing Previous President


By: Elena Grace Flores
by PweDelie TV

Work Infrastructure is BBM’s Priority
BBM or Bongbong Marcos believes that the next president’s priority is to alleviate poverty. To do this, work infrastructure must be in place. Not just for the common office workers but also for the work-from-home workforce. Digital technology must be sufficient enough for such needs. The government must focus on the capability of the working people. They are as good as their internet only.

No Punishment for the Previous President

Running after previous presidents can’t do the country any good. BBM notes that in the consecutive past, a few presidents went to prison already. He also added that this action did not improve the lives of Filipinos. It promotes hatred and division only. This is why unity is what he aspires the most. It is in his priority list.

Nobody Believes in Propaganda

Marcos is not worried at all about the upcoming black propaganda. His detractors would surely try to demonetize him. This can start after disclosing the position he is running for. However, he knows that Filipinos are smarter than that. Most have access to social media. They can verify the information available to decide on what to believe in. His priority really is to lead the country towards greatness. So, vote wisely.

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