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BBM’s Reaction to PRRD Says it All about the Administration’s Strategic Plan for Security


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: BBM will always support PRRD.

Election 2022 is a Matter of Security

The administration’s placement of candidates for the 2022 elections is very strategic. The intention is to have the majority of votes in Congress under a Federal government. Bongbong Marcos runs under PRRD’s Partido Federal ng Pilipinas with the president’s daughter as his VP. This is through the Lakas-CMD. It holds power in Congress with former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Martin Romualdez, BBM’s cousin is its current president. The security is in the setup. Never mind the verbal insults that are meant to mislead the enemies. The work is done.

PRRD’s Negative Statements

Bongbong Marcos will always support President Duterte. Regardless of his negative statements against him. He is confident enough to win the race without the formal endorsement of the Filipino leader. Inday Sara as his running mate is more than any security features of the alliances.

Safety Nets

So, Senator Bong Go can only be a safety net. But his turn is not immediate. Senator Imee Marcos and Atty. Liza Marcos can also do the job before him just in case BBM becomes incapacitated to run knowing the Pinklawans.

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