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BBM’s Warning: Do not Underestimate the Delta Variant

Delta Variant

By: Elena Grace Flores


The Delta Variant is Highly Contagious
Likely presidential candidate, Bongbong Marcos warns the public in an interview to not underestimate the Delta Variant. This is highly contagious and kills fast. The fatalities are also getting younger. Observe the Covid-19 prevention protocol seriously, he added. Be in line with the government’s efforts and not against them. Discipline is crucial for people’s survival. So, stay home and be aware of the assistance provided.

One of the Popular Bets

Marcos is grateful that he is one of the top presidential bets. People do not forget him – as per recent surveys. His political platform is concrete. Be it from economic recovery plans to healthcare. He also said that the Philhealth problem needs a solution. Trust is necessary to retain smooth transactions with subscribers and hospitals. It should not be inconvenient for patients. Therefore, open communication lines and transparency can help. This is achievable through mindful leadership. That he can sure do – if given the chance. So, let’s vote wisely this coming election. Surely, the Philippines will be great again with Marcos.

Fast Killer to People with Morbidities

The Delta Variant can kill after the patient develops critical pneumonia in 48 hours. It attacks the lungs and 24 hours of ARDS is deadly. Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is a life-threatening lung injury. It allows fluid to leak into the lungs. Breathing becomes difficult and oxygen cannot get into the body. Diabetes, hypertension, asthma, and other existing conditions are examples of such morbidities. Early detection of Covid-19 in a person with a strong resistance is curable. But if the immune system is low, it takes a miracle to keep an infected person alive. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle is a must. To be sure, add discipline to stay at home and be protected at all times. So, help us, God.

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