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Beat the Summer Heat with Watermelons


By: Elena Grace Flores

Watermelons (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever felt like not moving because your body seems so sticky due to
the humidity and the intense heat of the sun? You can even get very thirsty while staying inside your home this summer in most parts of the Philippines. So aside from drinking lots of water plus using electric fans and air
conditioners, try stocking up with juicy fruits like watermelons. They’re not just sources of beneficial fluids but also herbal cure for many conditions. Read this article from GMA News:

Yes, you can beat the summer heat with watermelons

By: Henrylito D. Tacio

Temperatures are rising and the summer is usually hottest just before the wet season. Notice how people who are cautious enough to carry umbrellas when rain is predicted push themselves beyond safety limits in the sun? The result is heat exhaustion, a condition where excessive loss of body fluids results in a corresponding rise in body temperature. In some instances, if the body’s temperature rises dramatically enough, heat stroke happens.

My sufferings this summer turned into delightful bliss when one day after having no appetite at all, I decided to substitute my meals with various delicious fruits that I found in the grocery store. There were pomelos, yellow melons, apples, oranges and of course loads of watermelons – and I did not feel any hunger at all just by eating fruits the whole day. Instead, I was rejuvenated and my sleep that night was the best ever!

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