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Behind the Scenes of PBBM’s Inauguration Shows the Different Classes of Attendees


By: Elena Grace Flores

Lintoy Marcial TV
[VIDEO]: 1969 Miss Universe, Gloria Diaz is one of the attendees of PBBM’s inauguration.

Different Classes of Attendees

There may be different classes of attendees during PBBM’s inauguration but the behind the scene coverage shows that bloggers are prominent. Miss Universe 1969, Gloria Diaz was also spotted. President Bongbong Marcos is her daughter’s godfather during Isabel Daza’s wedding.

Uniformed Men

As a response to former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile’s warning about the threat to the new president’s life, the military shows its full capability from land to air. Generals and other high-ranking officials come in full gear. Who would think of sabotaging the event? The different classes of society unite to celebrate PBBM’s victory and welcome him to the number one spot in public office.

Bloggers and Entertainers

Bloggers played a very important role in PBBM’s success. It’s just right that they should have a place in the inauguration. Their features will not stop there. They will serve as the voice of the people in response to the government’s actions and vice versa. Many entertainers were also present. This means that the days ahead will be very exciting for the Philippines.

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