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Believable Outcomes for BBM’s Senate Campaign & Glenn Chong’s Fight for Red


By: Elena Grace Flores
The recently concluded May 13, 2019 election may be anomalous for some but it is at least believable for BBM or Bongbong Marcos. His thorough Senate campaign for his sister, Imee Marcos is a success. On the other hand, Calabarzon police director P/Brig. Gen.l Edward Carranza’s 22 policemen are found guilty for the murder of Atty. Glenn Chong’s aide, Red Santillan and his companion. They have a double murder case charges. Calabarzon Provincial Director P/Col. Lou Evangelista, and acting Cainta police chief P/Lt. Col. Panlito Naganag will face the obstruction of justice charges. This is for fabricating information on the fatal shooting incident. The same goes with Carranza.

YouTube video by
Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: Maraming salamat po! | Bongbong Marcos

Thanking Supporters for Imee Marcos’ Senate Win

Bongbong Marcos said; Thank you to everyone who campaigned, voted and are watching the vote! None of this would have been possible without your support! Imee Marcos also said this; My heartfelt gratitude for your trust and support. Thank you, we won because of you.

Atty. Glenn Chong’s New Ally

Atty. Glenn Chong may not be successful in his Senatorial bid but one thing is certain. He has found a vital ally in Team Marcos. His media exposure during the election campaign period as a clean poll advocate really benefits BBM’s electoral protest. He deserves their alliance for a better government in the near future. Chong is seen to take up a very important post under the Marcoses’ new era. He expresses his gratitude to the group in a Facebook message.

Punishing the Culprits

The defeat of Atty. Chong seems to open new doors for his fights. Take the case of Red Santillan. The NBI said that the December 2018 shooting of Santillan and his companion Gessamyn “Minmin” Casing in Cainta, Rizal was a rubout and not a firefight, as claimed by the police. “The severity of the police officers’ acts indicated a calculated pursuit of a decision to kill Red and Minmin,” the NBI said in an April 21 transmittal letter released to the media on Monday.

Helpless Victims

Santillan died from 21 gunshot wounds in different parts of his body, while Casing succumbed to two, according to the autopsy results. Citing forensic reports and witness testimonies, the NBI said the victims were defenseless and did not use firearms. This is contrary to the claim of the policemen who said the two fired at them first, prompting them to shoot back.

Eliminating the Police Scalawags

It added that policemen involved in the incident made a conscious decision for a “sure kill,” using their short and long firearms against unarmed civilians.The NBI also recommended that the policemen be charged for planting of evidence, noting that the firearms recovered by the police from Santillan’s vehicle tested negative for the fingerprints of either victims.

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