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Benefit of the doubt: Odicta couple slain not involved in illegal drugs trade


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The slain Odicta couple must be given the benefit of a doubt – as per law. It is evident that people who knew them cried foul on the allegations that they are involved in the illegal drugs trade. This is a good example how people start hating the government with its war against illegal drugs. Read the story here:

The relatives and employees of slain businessman Melvin Odicta and his wife Meriam on Tuesday denied that the couple were involved in the illegal drug trade as accused by the Philippine National Police (PNP).

A report by GMA News’ Athena Imperial on “24 Oras” said the car barn of Melvin Taxi and Meriam Transport, two of the Odicta couple’s businesses in Iloilo City, was noticeably silent a day after the two were gunned down at Caticlan Jetty Port.

Ronie Diodaldo, who has been working for the couple for eight years, attested that the Odictas’ fortunes were from legitimate businesses.
“We are all witness that the Odicta’s funding the business and the financial help they extend to their employees are from legal means,” said Diodaldo, operations manager of Melvin Taxi.

Aside from taxi and van rental service, the Odicta couple also owns an internet cafe, a water refilling station, a gasoline station and a bar and restaurant, the report said.

The couple, who are based in Iloilo City, met with Interior and Local Government Secretary Mike Sueno last week to clear their name after PNP chief Ronald dela Rosa linked them to the illegal drug operations in the Visayas.
According to Dela Rosa, Melvin Odicta was a top drug lord who goes by the alias “Dragon” among criminal syndicates — a claim that President Rodrigo Duterte supported based on his statements regarding the couple’s deaths.
Eduardo Regalado, Meriam Odicta’s brother, said Duterte should have confirmed the accusation first before coming up with the statements.
“Hindi niya muna inano masyado kung totoo, kung may katotohanan o wala,” he said.
Meanwhile, the couple’s lawyer, Raymond Fortun, also denied that Melvin Odicta was a drug lord who submitted a drug matrix to Sueno last week.


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