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Bersamin Hints on BBM’s Electoral Protest Victory as Tulfo Explains

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By: Elena Grace Flores
CJ Lucas Bersamin said he intends to delay the vote on the electoral protest. It is a public perception that since he’s an appointee of President Rodrigo Du30, he naturally favors Bongbong Marcos. Therefore, he does not want Marcos’ victory to happen during his term. Nontheless, the majority wins and with the 11-2 voting which is the former Senator’s first round win happens. Meanwhile, Erwin Tulfo explains the success of Marcos and Robredo’s fake news.

YouTube video by Erwin Tulfo


“I wanted to delay the vote because I did not like to take part in it, because I did not like the public, like the media, speculating that I cooked or orchestrated the result,” he said. “But I always told you: You cannot cook things up here inside the Supreme Court because there are too many people involved.

The Highest Number of Votes Does NOT Determine the Winner

Erwin Tulfo explains that BBM never said that he has more votes than Robredo in her bailiwick. He only asks the tribunal where his votes from the INC are. The justices only have to decide according to the evidences if it’s likely that there’s a massive fraud during the 2016 elections that prevent Marcos from becoming the rightful VP. Out of the 11 magistrates, only two want the dismissal of the protest. Therefore, it continues. The figures of the recount votes won’t matter at this time.

The Queen of Fake News

Robredo’s speculation that she gains 15,000 more votes is a big fake news. Her political allies also ride on with it by organizing a Congress proclaimation. They are fooling themselves out because the recount continues because there’s substantial evidence that the election was fraudulent. Filipinos can only expect from now on that Marcos would soon become VP then, as per the President’s promise, his destiny dictates that he is the new President of the Philippines.

Analysis: Bersamin Hints on the Marcos Take Over

The outgoing Chief Justic’s action only confirms that BBM is indeed the real Vice President. As a result of his unifying act he has to face bad survey results that he can’t do anything with. Chief Justice Lucas Bersamin has this to say: “Don’t be angry.” The Social Weather Station’s survey for the third quarter of 2019 shows that the Supreme Court’s net satisfaction rating went down to +41 from +54 last June. Little do the people know that Bersamin knows that it would be BBM indeed that would emerge as the winner.

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8 thoughts on “Bersamin Hints on BBM’s Electoral Protest Victory as Tulfo Explains

  1. caguioa base his decision to dismiss bbm protest because he was an aquino appointee he was assign as SC justice to protect aquino and Lp at all cause like carpio appointee of aquino .

    1. If that is your analogy then it’s safe to say that duterte’s appointees are there to ensure macros wins… cnong ginagago mo?

  2. People really feels that Bongbong is the real winner,,all circumstances shows that Marcos has far political power and supporters with compare to novice Robredo, who was just convince by LP to run for Vice presidential race.
    And with those many fraudulent evidences that was exposed during recount,,and with wide and strong clamor of people in social media for Marcos victory,,we feel indeed that Bongbong was the real winner.

  3. Papano nga naman ipapaliwanag ng comelec na nazero si BBM sa ilang presento sa Mindanao gayong siya ang dinala ng INC? Buking kauo ngayon.

  4. Talaga namang si BBM ang nanalo at Hindi si lugaw. Actually sa pagka pangulo Kong nagkataon na mga isang Milyon Lang ang lamang ni digong dadayain din ang result.

  5. Nagprotesta si Marcos dahil tinalo siya ni Robredo sa bilang ng boto( hindi ng bumoto). Kaunti lang ang lamang sa bilang ni Robredo. Nang magkroon ng recount at.dumami pa ang bilang ni Robredo, ano ibig sabihin noon, hindi ba sila nandaya. Think of it PET.

    1. Ang tanong nga is saan galing ang mga balotang iyon? Bakit hindi nabilang ng HOCUS POCUS machine noong unang counting ng boto?

  6. Para wala nang mga protesta sa mga election, DAPAT BAGUHIN NA ANG SISTEMA NG ELECTION.
    Meron akong suggestion. Itanong ninyo po sa DBM Regional Director ng Bicol- MR. RENATO DE VERA. Sinabi ko sa kanya kung paano dapat gawin ang botohan para walang dayaan at mga protesta dahil nagsasayang lang ng pera at higit sa lahat ORAS na dapat ginamit na sa mas makabuluhang aktibidad.

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