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Best of both worlds: augmented reality with Blippar

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Virtual reality is already an amazing invention online – but this is not if it has no connection to the real world. This is why you need to know about this augmented reality platform and how it entertains people while having a glimpse into our existence.

Venture Beat featured: Ambarish “Rish” Mitra, the CEO of Blippar, speaks about an augmented reality platform that dozens of brands are using to add interactivity to their products. Point the Blippar app at a logo and you can unlock virtual games, extra content, and the like. But Blippar is also working on AI technology that can identify ordinary objects in the real world, like chairs, dogs, birds, and more. Mitra tells us what it means to build an augmented reality platform, one that developers could use to add information and interactivity to the whole world around us.

It added: Plus, Jordan Novet and I tell you what to think about:
Virtual reality at GDC, including the $500 Sony PlayStation VR bundle,Amazon’s plans to incorporate Twitch into game design on its Lumberyard platform a cool demo of VR storytelling that really made Jordan think, and algorithmic timelines coming to Twitter and (soon) Instagram. You can also listen to this episode of What to Think on SoundCloud. And please subscribe to What to Think in iTunes, where you’ll get every episode delivered to the device of your choice as soon as it’s released! Listen to the podcast via the link below:


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