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Better to become Old Thin or Fat?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It was surprising hearing from a beautiful friend that she wanted to gain weight. She’s been sexy all her life but now that she’s older, she wanted to be fat. According to her, it is nicer to watch an old, fat woman than a thin old woman! I tried to take that thought out of my mind but it keeps on coming back. I was also always skinny during my younger years and only gained some weight when I turned 45. It was difficult at first carrying a heavier body but since it’s the first time that I gained full blossoms, I really don’t mind to be fatter than I was before.

Just recently, the mother of my beautiful friend died and I had the chance to attend her wake to give condolence to my friend. She was bed ridden already and hospitalized due to old age but at 86, the facial features that gave the distinctive beauty of her daughters were very obvious because she died very thin. The high chick bones were visible and the pointed face and slightly protruding forehead were properly made up inside her casket. I then examined down her body but only the hands were not covered. Although they looked really frail like that of a skeleton, I cannot forget her very elegant face despite the fact that she’s already dead. Now, I can only guess why my beautiful friend wanted to be fat now that she’s getting older.

She has witnessed her beloved mother’s frail body when she was struggling to stay alive! On the other hand, since it’s only the face that is normally shown during the wake and it can be stuffed with cotton to get back the glow of a live person, then for me, getting thinner during old age is not bad!

After all, whatever your preference is – get the body that you are more comfortable in. You can only feel its beauty when you are alive. Gaining or losing weight is for you. Our loved ones will be happier when they see us happy and healthy despite our weight!

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