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Only Binay can be Visionary President

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Pro-Binay comments are now starting to pour in via social media. People who usually did not bother to get involved in political discussions are now participating.

As Don Gordo puts it: The essence of Natuonal Leadership is that you have to have vision. VP Binay is the only one with clear and positive vision for the common good of the country and the people. The rest of the candidates are just blowing an uncertain trumpet. Binay is tha man who can !!!

The success of Makati over Binay’s stint and management for the last 30 years is a clear proof what this man can do. From urban planning to providing means of livelihood to his constituents and beyond. It’s not only the physical progress with the Ayala’s real estate business but the efficiency of public service in his area. Yes, not only in Makati. The proceeds from the private-public joint ventures in Makati (not government tax money) has reached more than 1,000 LGUs all over the country through healthcare centers, educational facility, housing projects and social programs – well supported by Makati through the brilliant visionary and missionary tactics of Vice President Jejomar Binay while serving as Vice President.

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