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I am for Binay because I cannot stand watching my fellow countrymen in poverty – while the rich becomes richer

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
At the present time, the Philippines has been noted as Asia’s fastest growing economy with quite a number of Filipinos who made it in Forbes’ top billionaires list – and in US dollars at that!

As a Filipino who has been involved in social, medical and charity services to the community, it is very painful to see children begging for food along the highways, families who won’t know where to take their sick or dead member, below safety standard dwellings and unsanitary or ill people loitering the streets in the capital.

However, I quite understand that people in the rich sector, can’t hardly feel this – because they do not have the luxury of time to even look at their surroundings. Many Filipinos who are living a comfortable life after tasting poverty, will try so hard to stay there – and will just close their eyes to the plight of others.

Vice President Jejomar Binay’s presidential platform is the answer to the many problems in the country with eradicating poverty as the main priority through quality public services in the health, medical, educational, economical (jobs),social (senior citizens and the disabled care programs), transportation and infrastructure departments – thus eliminating crimes and achieving realistic progress.

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