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Binay: Don’t sit on Mamasapano Report, Poe

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Vice President Jejomar Binay vowed that if elected president, there will be no more Mamasapano incidents. It is also not a secret that win or not, Senator Gringo Honasan who is his running mate will be his crime Czar – who is a notable military man. He also kicked the butt of Senator Grace Poe who is a contender for the 2016 Presidency – urging her not to sit on her Mamasapano report. Poe alleged that he is just waiting for the schedule from who else but Vice Presidentiable, Allan Peter Cayetano.

As reviewed, Senator Poe conducted series of hearings regarding the so-called Mamasapano misencounter and it did create so much noise then – making her look good through the media. As soon as she became a front runner in the publisized surveys, the status of her report also diminished.

Senate Minority President, Juan Ponce Enrile shared the same sentiments with Binay  over Grace Poe’s performance on the Mamasapano investigation. Despite all these, Vice President Binay urged everyone to pray that justice will prevail for the families of the fallen SAF44.


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