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Binay – Marcos to avenge Sabah slaughter and to claim it back

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It was a heart-breaking episode in the life of Filipinos who knew about the Sabah claim’s history or worst, whose kin were slaughtered in Sabah during their so-called suicide mission. They knew that they can easily lose their lives during the operation – but they cannot bear living without doing something about it. The act was condemned by the Pnoy administration – and instead of rescuing them as the President of the country, he tolerated the Malaysians to kill them.

True Filipinos will stand side by side along with their Muslim brothers and for the Sabah claim, it’s only Vice President Jejomar Binay and Senator Bongbong Marcos who bravely support the plan with the military wisdom of Senator Gringo Honasan. This is what a good executive team of the country should do in circumstance like this one.

Of course, there’s Princess Jacel Kiram from the family of the Sabah heirs running for a seat in the senate – to remind our future leaders of their promise. The future of the Sabah claim is now in your hands. Please vote wisely!

Source: The Daily Tribune

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