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Binay & Marcos Warn VP Leni Robredo To Be Careful With Words: Her Mouth Only Praises Self


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It would be impossible for the President and Vice President to find a common ground when the second person is always contradicting the administration that she is serving. It’s true that she is forced to resign because of irreconcilable differences but that is the only way for Robredo to be herself. She can still lead the Liberal Party as the opposition to Duterte’s ruling party.

Youtube video by; bulatlat multimedia
[VIDEO]: Vice President Leni Robredo could become the leader of the opposition after she quit President Rodrigo Duterte’s cabinet due to policy differences, a political analyst said.

De Facto Leader of the Opposition

According to the political analyst featured in the video, V.P. Leni Robredo would automatically become the de Facto leader of the opposition because she occupies the highest elected post among the members of the Liberal Party. She may have served the cabinet the shortest compared to her peers but she is secured in the fact that she still has an important position as far as her political ambitions are concerned.

History of Stealing

Robredo in a separate interview as she always did, commented that between her and Bongbong Marcos, it is him who has the history of stealing – but the Vice President might be unaware that only the Liberal Party accuses the Marcoses of stealing. They were never convicted but only accused of crimes they did not commit and that’s what made her a thief. She only did not steal the Vice Presidency but also their reputation.

The Binay Camp also Corrected Her

Joe Salgado, spokesperson of the Binay Camp corrects VP Robredo, when she said that perhaps she’s the only HUDCC chair who personally attends board meetings and works on weekends and at home. She is given the benefit of the doubt that maybe she hasn’t heard of former VP Binay’s work ethic. It is remembered that former V.P. Binay gave her utmost respect and support during the transition period and her latest words only prove to show that her true colors are really very undesirable.

Bongbong Marcos and Jojo Binay vs. Leni Robredo

The advice that both camps can give to Robredo is to be careful with her words because she looks like an evil person during TV interviews. Her words are actually against her and perhaps that’s what Duterte is sad about.

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  1. She was a lawyer ……… can’ t depend herself becsuse she rely on LP ………DEAR OH DEAR ….ROBREDO THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH ??? YOUR A PATHETIC WOMAN ,HYPOCRIT ,CRAB MENTALITY ……..

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