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Binay – Marcos Winning Despite Media Propaganda

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The truth really sets the innocent free! This saying is very appropriate to Vice President Jejomar Binay and Senator Bonbong Marcos who are now getting stronger as the media propaganda against them are getting undeniably desperate.

It is now evident that the cases filed against them are nothing but mere gossips escalated by the media to destroy their chances of becoming President and Vice President come 2016.

The more lies their enemies are spreading, the more love they gain from the Filipino masses – who are sick of hearing news that are untrue. Imagine being the fastest growing economy in Asia but the average Filipinos are struggling to afford their daily sustenance.

Binay and Marcos are noted to have excellent public service records in their own territories and beyond – and a great defender of human rights during their legislative and executive days. So, whatever negativity the news say, the people knows them better than anyone else – and that can be seen thoroughly after the 2016 election.

1 thought on “Binay – Marcos Winning Despite Media Propaganda

  1. Leni is the worst hypocrite.

    She wilfully rides the spin on her as this public transpo dependent humble lady but the Inquirer, their own propaganda paper, reported that she is flown around in a private plane. Google the news item on her campaign sortie to Ilocos Norte.

    What about her vilification of Marcos, the father, and Martial Law? Her own father, the late Judge Gerona, accepted the appointment from Marcos in 1980. That was after the country has already witnessed Martial Law. What is Leni saying, her own father is a believer in the government of someone whom she believes is the devil incarnate? Hipokrita!

    Worst of all is knowing how this administration castrated her late honorable husband but still, she remains with LP. As DILG boss, Sec Jessie was humiliatingly denied supervision over the PNP. That was given to USec Puno. And, there was not even any attempt to keep it from the public. How brazen! Sec Jessie died with a broken heart.

    Oh by the way, Leni took 6 years to finish law school and another 5 to pass the bar.

    I think Mar will be my last choice for president but i would rather have than see Leni take the vp post.

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