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Binay News: Former VP agrees with Duterte’s Plea to Respect De Lima setting aside Selective Justice

Binay News

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Former Vice President Jejomar Binay urges his supporters to support the Duterte administration as they did for him. Further on to this Binay News, Binay is clearly one with Duterte’s plea to respect Senator Leila De Lima.

[VIDEO]: Jojo Binay detests selective justice and urges supporters to support Duterte as he calls to  respect De Lima as our own senator.

No Family should Suffer the same Plight as the Binay’s

Some Duterte supporters continue to attack De Lima through social media by creating false video scandals but Jojo Binay agrees with the President to respect De Lima. He explains that no family should suffer the same when they were victims of selective justice allegedly by the previous administration.

Binay never wishes even to an enemy the same selective justice he experienced

Jojo Binay’s presidential bid really suffered because of the unfair hearings manifested by the Liberal Party. Now that Senator Leila de Lima is on the line with the present administration, Binay never tolerates that.

Political Motives against Enemies

Intimidating witnesses during hearings by senators in probes just to discredit the opponent should not be the characters that senators are perceived of by the public. They should not be acting as lawyers as well. If De Lima is really guilty with protecting the illegal drug trade, then file a case against her. Not perform such dramas in the senate.

De Lima must be Respected as per Duterte

As per Martin Andanar’s official announcement in behalf of the Duterte administration, De Lima must be respected along with the media. It is pathetic destroying our very own. The government also reminded the people that the senate is a co-equal branch of the executive office.


Right after Duterte’s plea, social media has been flooded with Leila De Lima’s faked sex video scandals.  Does this mean that Duterte is not even followed by his supporters or these are orchestrated by his enemies to give him a bad name?


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