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Binay to Poe: She Traded her Filipino Nationality ’cause she’s Ashamed to be one

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Vice President Jojo Binay asked Grace Poe: why Drop being a Filipino when you can still work in the U.S.? He added; by pledging allegiance to the United States, Grace Poe is inhibiting or leaving her rights to be a Filipino because she is ashamed to be one.

Grace Poe replied by saying that she did not want to be away from her family – and her renouncing her Filipino citizenship did not mean that she does not love the Philippines anymore. It was just needed at that time. You can leave the Philippines but can’t leave being a Filipino. This is also true to many Filipino migrants abroad but the only difference is, they are not that ambitious to be president of the Philippines like Grace Poe.

It is very clear that this aspiring American presidential candidate in the Philippines would trade anything – just to get what she wants and not even thinking about the welfare of Filipinos who will suffer if she becomes president who will just drop national interests if those do not suit her well – given his inexperience in local politics and zero accomplishments in community public service.

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