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Binay Presidency: Subsidized Quality Education will be available to all Filipinos at no cost

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
What would happen if all public schools are already over populated – and some of the remaining students cannot afford to go to private schools? The result, increasing number of out of school youths. This is already happening as livelihood becoming tight with the presidential election coming up amidst the El Nino phenomenon.

This is why people cannot feel the much publicized progress of the country – with more than 30 million people getting hungry each day.

Quality semi-private schools in Makati subsidized by the government and the private sector arranged by the Binays continued to provide students with learning institutions that are not only at par with private schools – but are also providing free uniforms and books to its enrolees.

This is definitely a priority under the Binay presidency for the whole Philippines.

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