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Only Binay Prioritizes Filipino Welfare

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Our People, Our Pride – the vital brand or product of the Philippines are its people. This can be seen through the services of overseas Filipino workers in different countries. Known to be naturally compassionate, industrious, courteous and happy deep within, sevicing others is just a joy for us.

The political platform of Vice President Jejomar Binay for the upcoming May 9, 2016 Presidential election clearly states the essense of quality living for Filipinos here and abroad. Healthcare, education, livelihood, elderly benefits and many more are structured wisely in Makati that can be funded through business ventures. The same model will be applied to the rest of the cities in the country.

It’s about time to be proud being a Filipino again – because when he is president, we can live a progressive life with compassion to share our blessings to others. A safe and comfortable life that would equip our people to attain their vital aspirations to contribute in making this world a better place to be.

Now is the time to take care of the people who are caring for the world in general.

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