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Binay Successful In Misleading LP That He’s The Major Pro Marcos – Giving Way To Duterte

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Leftist groups detest President Rodrigo Duterte’s closeness with the Marcos family.  His approval to bury former President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani indicates this. Former Bayan Muna Representative Satur Ocampo comment that the burial is not part of the President’s promise to the Filipino people, but a fulfillment of a personal promise to the Marcoses, proves to show that Binay is successful in making them believe that he’s the major pro-Marcos and not Duterte. Pnoy even asked Binay to stop Marcos from becoming Vice President. He advised the former president to conduct an honest election instead. This has prompted the Liberal Party to resort to  massive fraudulent activities.

Youtube video by; bulatlat multimedia
[VIDEO]: Leftists alarmed over Duterte’s close ties with Marcoses

Campaign Promise not just Personal Trade-Off

If only Ocampo followed Duterte during his campaign trail, he would know that Duterte promised to allow the burial of the late strongman at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Actually, many people knew that Duterte was convinced by Jojo Binay to continue running for president on the goal that they will make Bongbong Marcos president in the immediate future. That’s the ultimate reason why Duterte ran for President since he did not have the ambition to be president.

Unverified Blogs Out to Discredit Binay

The leftist evil ways are again on the rise when various unverified blogs say that Binay is in Duterte’s long list of illegal drug traders which is obviously very wrong. Only people who have grudges with the Binays would believe this and they can’t be reasonable individuals.

Mass Resignation Seen

It is already expected that government officials who cannot bear Duterte’s ways and principles will ultimately turn their back from his administration. They would then form a coalition that would encourage citizens to go against the government with the leadership of the Liberal party. However, the right wing is more than ready for that which includes the Jojo Binay camp.

Black Propaganda Does not work Anymore

Sorry to the leftist, their strategy that was very effective during Ninoy Aquino’s time is just like a garbage now. Most people knew already how to verify false reports from the legitimate ones. All they need to do is do a bit of research in just a few click of their fingers right at the comfort of their own home.

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