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Binay: All out war against poverty

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Vice President Jejomar Binay said during the last presidential debate that the problem in Mindanao is rooted back to poverty. This was his answer to Babu Amina who asked if there could ever be peace in Mindanao. Lasting peace will be attained only if people are not anymore struggling for their lives trying to provide for their daily needs due to no opportunities for good livelihood. This is true not only in Mindanao but also elsewhere.

Many groups wanted to separate from the government of the Philippines believing that they will have better lives on the other side – because current and past governments did not prioritize addressing the massive problem of poverty.

He reiterated that under his Presidency, livelihood will be better off in Mindanao. I vowed that our fellow Filipinos will have better lives there and it will surely happen if given the chance to be president; he said.

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