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Binay’s Real Shots of Registered Voters

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Vice President Jejomar Binay is truly the underdog compared to other presidential candidates. No budget for more campaign materials, poll watches and events. Take the case of the crowd image featured earlier that was posted by an alleged Binay fan – well in fact, it was of Duterte’s at Luneta Park. It was not known if he had done it by mistake or just trying to deceive. Whatever the purpose may be, it did create a lot of stir via social media. Might be a negative publicity, but still a publicity.

Now, we have received some photos from Christopher Ferreras who has been campaigning for V.P. Binay off the road and online. These are real shots from the Miting de Avance in Makati itself. It might not depict a massive aerial view because as we know, the Binay campaign team did not have the facilities for it – but we are posting this in good faith to hopefully enlighten online readers to read such articles first before making comments. This article: never claimed that the particular shot was that of Binay’s. It was a question why Binay’s crowd images were never featured on TV – in fact, omitted.

The question is, will the turnout be converted into votes during the election very soon? Well, come to think of it, if you organize a Miting de Avance like a public concert then, you will have massive turnout including food vendors. We’re here to find out its relevance to the number of votes tomorrow. Here are some of the real images of Binay’s Miting de Avance.




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    ONLY BINAY. . .

  2. Binay is the guy.. .

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