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Birthday Laugh: Bongbong Marcos’ Humor When Updating PRRD on His Electoral Protest

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By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos’ Birthday greeting video shows how stories can be made by incorporating footages together. In times of fakes news, some media outlets resort to this. This serves as a warning that readers must verify facts. He covers topics from greeting the President on his 74th birthday to updating him on his electoral protest against the presumptive Vice President, Leni Robredo.

YouTube video byBongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: In these times of fake news, know that our friendship and continued support for you is genuine and true.

Featuring Pinakbet

Pinakbet is a local dish with vegetables and meat ingredients. The elements create a right balance for a healthy, yet indulgent lifestyle. Soldiers must have them first, says Marcos. He implies their loyalty to the Du30 administration because the President prioritizes their needs which are relevant to their serving their country with their life.

Drinking in the Streets

Street drinking is an old culture of Filipinos, especially in slums. The men without shirts look so fierce while enjoying alcoholic drinks with comrades. PRRD swears to kick their butts if they are caught doing so at present times. This may be tough for those people with this lifestyle but for the sake of the country’s image, they should learn how to sacrifice their comforts. Marcos agrees with this as he gives a hint on his electoral protest.

The President’s Birthday Wishes

Prosperity for his government and a future free of troubles for his country are President Rodrigo Du30’s wishes. He utters this as he blew out the candle on his Philippine flag birthday cake. His staff in Davao City surprises him with a birthday song. His words were: “My wish, well, that this government will prosper and that we don’t get involved in the problems of other nations. It’s a very topsy turvy world so even the Chinese are kind of hesitant…My wish is that we will just continue to progress. We won’t be part of that mess with other countries.

Family Assurance

The President’s son, Paolo said in Bisaya that he is thankful because their father still manages to spend time with the family despite his hectic schedule. “Even if you don’t have enough sleep but you always find time for us. Thank you, Pa,” he said in his colloquial dialect. Paolo said his father should also take a break from work. He further assures him that he and sister, Davao City Mayor Sara Du30-Carpio would take care of his critics.

Electoral Protest Update

Back to the former Senator Marcos’ video message, he gives the president an update on his electoral protest. It is now on its 1000th day. He is hopeful for an immediate decision soon. It’s really just awaiting announcements from the Supreme Court. Just recently, Marcos attends the candle lighting ceremony of his supporters at the SC vicinity. He is very thankful for their unending support.

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