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Block the NPAs: Lawyer President Duterte is Leaning Towards Endorsing BBM


By: Elena Grace Flores

Filipino Future
[VIDEO]: It Looks Like President Duterte is Now Convinced that Bongbong Marcos is his Right Successor

Lawyer President Duterte May Support BBM as his Successor

Lawyer President Rodrigo Roa Duterte recently said in an interview that he may have to endorse a presidential candidate. This is to discourage the NPAs to enter the new government. He reports that some party lists and election candidates are cohorts of the NPAs. It’s only Ferdinand Marcos who is clearly anti-communist and terrorist. These insurgent groups didn’t have the power to demand during the time of his father. So, they are furious with Marcos, Jr.

Presidents for the Masses

The presidents for the masses like Joseph Estrada, and Gloria Arroyo were anti-oligarchs. But the forces of the elite using their networks and armed comrades stopped them from continuing the works of the great president Ferdinand Marcos. Therefor, Estrada was impeached and Arroyo was imprisoned by the yellow government.

Starting from FEM’s Blueprint, No to the Lawyer Only

President Duterte cannot afford to give back the power to the yellow culprits. With all the things he’ve been through. BBM has the alliance of the presidents for the masses. The Build Build Build project must continue, swears the Filipino leader. So, no to the lawyer candidate who may have affiliations with the NPAs.

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