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Bongbong Marcos Appreciates Attorney Glenn Chong’s 2022 Advocacy

Bongbong Marcos Appreciates Attorney Glenn Chong's 2022 Advocacy

By: Elena Grace Flores
Talk News TV

Round Went to Bong Bong Marcos – Atty. Glenn Chong

Attorney Glenn Chong’s Advocacy for 2022

Bongbong Marcos appreciates attorney Glenn Chong for his never-ending campaign for the Comelec to adapt the hybrid election system. Nonetheless, the poll agency is still reluctant to do it. Not unless there’s a massive protest from the voters themselves. On the contrary, public disagreement is only on display via social media. However, the number of new voting registrants clearly shows that the youth already has no trust in the country’s electoral system.

Message of Thanks

In an exclusive social media posts in one of the pro-Marcos Facebook groups, Bongbong Marcos acknowledges the efforts of the young attorney. This is for his advocacy to push the hybrid election system. Nevertheless, there’s still no progress in this area. There is news that the Comelec snubbed the said pleas from politicians like Senator Imee Marcos. Chong also explains that the 11-2 PET decision on BBM’s case is in favor of Marcos. Despite what the media wants to project.

Revolutionary Government Becomes Appealing

Attorney Chong also explains clearly the 3rd cause of action for Bongbong Marcos’ case. This is the annulment of votes in Mindanao. 80% of the voters’ signatures there were fake. This goes to all the positions of that area including the Vice Presidency. Once the annulment goes through, Bongbong Marcos is definitely the winner for the VP post. The slow justice in the country just makes the revolutionary government appealing, said Attorney Chong.

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