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Bongbong Marcos-Duterte Judgement: Maximum Tolerance for Anti-Burial Protesters

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

President Rodrigo Duterte is unfazed with the ongoing anti-Marcos burial protests and sees no security threat. He understands their sentiments and they are allowed to expressed it but just don’t cause heavy traffic, the president said. On the other hand, Bongbong Marcos agrees that it’s their rights to rally and the Marcos family respects that.

Youtube video by; bulatlat multimedia

[VIDEO]: Anti-Marcos protestors, nagsagawa ng Black Friday rally
November 11, 2016

Maximum Tolerance by PNP

Unlike previous images of police abuses like overkills and no tolerance, the Bongbong Marcos – Duterte’s “maximum tolerance” approach is evident in how to deal with the protesters. However, the enemies will always do something to aggravate the situation so it is expected that isolated cases of forces applied will be undertaken if they go out of control.


So far, everything is under Control

Police officers learned it the hard way when all men in uniformed responsible for the harsh treatments against the previous protest in front of the American Embassy resulted in their dismissal. They are all under investigation for possible administrative case to be filed against them if found guilty.

Provoking the police

Protesters must be reminded that despite the “maximum tolerance’ imposed, they should also follow the law because if they endanger the lives of the police, they are given the go signal to defend themselves. The good thing with protests is, it is normally done in public places where it’s accessible to the media. Therefore, if properly guided, both sides must be able to support a peaceful anti-Marcos burial rally, if that’s what others need to do to feel better.

Marcos’ Family Plea

The Marcos family has been very patient waiting for their time to come after 27 years. All criticisms are already heard around the world. Now, that circumstances favor them, the detractors should also learn how to wait for their time. Perhaps another 27 years too? Can they do it like the Marcoses?


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