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Bongbong Marcos Future: Why do they Use Duterte to Discredit Citizen Binay?

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Binay Camp wonders why media propaganda attacks against former Vice President Jejomar Binay keep on popping up using old materials just to malign the Binay name. This cannot be for the patriarch alone because he’s not anymore a government official. Therefore,  the Duterte-Binay-Bongbong Marcos groups are put into thorough observation. Here are the speculation gathered.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Jejomar Binay is not anymore holding a government position but character assassination against him continues. Find out why.

Binay Hatred Dying Down

Hatred to Binay still exist in Duterte, and Marcos groups. Some accuse him of riding on the popularity of both. They refuse to recognize Binay’s sacrifice in supporting President Duterte and in making sure that Bongbong Marcos has concrete evidence for the electoral protest against Leni Robredo through Pastor Boy Saycon. However, the good news in, the Binay hatred in dying down. Intellectual Filipinos immediately realize that Binay’s help in crucial in letting Bongbong Marcos win now as Vice President and in the future for President.

Why Destroy Binay

Binay may be retired from public office but not in politics and public service. He still mentors numerous UNA members including her children who won in the last elections. His foundation is still providing benefits to the citizens of Makati – and elsewhere who happen to ask for help through Congressman Luis Campos, Mayor Abby Binay’s husband.

Duterte is used against Binay

Whoever believes that Jojo Binay is into drugs is not smart enough. Why drag Duterte along with the accusation? It’s simple. The enemies have to break the Duterte-Marcos-Binay alliance to weaken Bongbong Marcos’ force for future presidency quest. Not only one but numerous malicious websites using both paid and free servers that carry out the fake news. This is not a work of a private individual but a well-funded campaign to break the alliance.

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Bi-Bong to Bong-Bi

If the enemies of Bongbong Marcos are already very scared of him becoming President someday, they should be more afraid of Bong-Bi. It’s the reverse of the Binay-Bongbong Marcos tandem during the last elections that did not materialize. Bongbong Marcos with somebody from the Binay family as the Vice President is very dangerous for detractors. The older Binay witnessed it all. No doubt that the Binay name remains strong in the political arena. He has 3 choices: Senator Nancy, ex-Mayor Junjun or his fellow Iglesia ni Kristo endorsee, Mayor Abby Binay!

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