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Bongbong Marcos: Greets His Ate Governor and Future Senator Imee in a Hilarious Way


By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos said that his elder sister who is running for Senator has been his source of inspiration. She is really an “ate” in the great sense of the world. Someone whom the VP protestant looks up to ever since they were younger. Gov. Imee Marcos often introduces difficult words and a model for parents in bringing up their children. However, these are presented in a hilarious way in the birthday video.

YouTube video by Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: Happy Birthday Ate! I know you will always succeed at all that you do! Enjoy your day!

The inspiration of Many People

Gov. Imee Marcos is not only her brother’s inspiration but the model of many people. Despite their many down periods, she remains positive and forgiving. Her heart was not hardened by the sad circumstances in their lives. Yet, like gold, it shines furthermore.

Offering Her Hand

Gov. Imee as she is fondly called often lends a hand to help those who are in need. Moreover, this is projected in the video literally. At a drugstore, the governor happened to greet people. She then extended her hand to the sellers for a handshake. Unfortunately, the supposed recipients were either stunned or surprised that they just froze.

Down to Earth

The airport clipping also shows her being so down to earth. She naturally takes off her shoes following the airport check-in protocol as a safety measure. All of a sudden, she outbalances when attempting to wear her shoes back.

Senator To Be

Gov. Marcos said in a statement: I believe I can contribute much to our country when it comes to the economy.” She cites some of the country’s problems, such as inflation and the rising prices of commodities. As the eldest daughter of the late president Ferdinand Marcos, she earns the respect of the clan. She also served as Ilocos Norte governor starting from 2010 up to the present. The lady governor is on her last term.

Happy Birthday

The Marcos supporters join Bongbong Marcos in greeting the future Senator a happy birthday. At the beginning of the video, her brother apologizes for not having a naked woman somewhere because his wife, Liza did not agree with it. This gives way to the detractors to criticize. Nevertheless, this is the reason why most people can relate to the Marcoses. They are just so real and very Filipino. Especially when it comes to humor.

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