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Bongbong Marcos in Serious Talks with Sara Duterte

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by AKO PINOY

Is Bongbong Marcos running along with Mayor Sara Duterte for elections 2020?

The Marcos-Duterte Tandem

October 2021 is already the filing month of the national elections for 2022. Former senator, Bongbong Marcos admits that he is in serious talks with Davao Mayor, Sara Duterte. They work together well especially during the pandemic. Marcos added that he is ready to run for president if the circumstance calls for it. However, they are still figuring out how the scenario would be. One thing is for sure. They would prepare for it because politics in the Philippines can change very fast.

Thanking the Frontliners

The pandemic is far from over. Nevertheless, we learn as we go along. The country’s fatality rate remains low despite the rising number of coronavirus infections. There must be a balance between healthcare and the economy. This would prevent further damages.

The Electoral Protest Update

Marcos expresses his dismay over the electoral protest ponente. Leonen sits on the case for almost a year. Now, this is on the verge of becoming moot. The October 2021 candidacy filing would be the gauge. The protest automatically ceases once he seeks for another post during the upcoming poll. He just hopes that a decision will be made before then.

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