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Bongbong Marcos is Again the Talk of the Town after KBP Forum Invite’s Decline

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue

[VIDEO]: The Power Couple Express their Gratitude to BBM during Calamities.

Conflict of Schedule

Bongbong Marcos declined KBP’s forum for presidential aspirants due to conflicting schedule. Most loyalists if not all would understand this. However, his detractors can only criticize him. Therefore, he remains the talk of the town nowadays.

Lesser Talks, Lesser Troubles

Many political analysts agree with Marcos who observes that when there’s lesser talks, there would be lesser troubles. This is actually true to real-life situations. Look at VP Leni Robredo. She’s often on TV ads and other social media platforms. But her rating seems to stay low.

Talk of the Town

The approval rating of Bongbong Marcos surges every time he declines any activity by the mainstream media. So, who would need such publicity? Nevertheless, his wit is better shown to the voting public. At least to educate the anti-Marcos people a bit.

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