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Bongbong Marcos is one with Gov. Imee to Move on from 1986 but Not on his Protest


By: Elena Grace Flores

The troubled Vice President, Leni Robredo once urged Bongbong Marcos to move on from his alleged defeat during the 2016 VP race. Marcos replied by saying that he cannot do so because his election protest is still ongoing. He is determined more than ever, to restore democracy through a clean and honest election. However, he agrees with his sister, Gov. Imee Marcos to move on from the martial law issues. The Marcos regime then was already toppled in 1986. It’s done, he added.

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[VIDEO]: Answering questions on the issue of his father’s strongman rule, former senator Bongbong Marcos said that the proposed abolition of the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) is proof that their critics should “move on.”

Macalintal’s Criticism against Marcos

Macalintal is criticising Bongbong Marcos about not being able to “move on” from his electoral protest. To quote Macalintal “A very childish attitude of an election loser who cannot accept defeat in good grace. Such a statement is so unbecoming of a man who projects himself as highly capable to lead as vice president of the country,” Macalintal added.

Protest Blame Game?

It seems to Macalintal that Marcos is just looking for someone to blame for losing in the VP election. He is so confident that he would win the elections. First, he blames the Comelec as a conspirator of the Robredo camp in an alleged electoral fraud. Macalintal adds, “After accepting the integrity of the automated election system, Marcos is now blaming the alleged bias of Associate Justice Alfredo Caguioa against him and in favor of Robredo,” Macalintal insinuates. To note, Marcos never accepted the integrity of the 1986 election but agrees with the PET to set aside the issue to fast-track the recount.


False Confidence

With Marcos only being able to accept closure if he wins the protest, Macalintal further criticizes him. “But, sorry to say, he will stay put or remain without moving because he will never win his election protest since nobody wins an election protest on the mere allegation that the judge is biased in favor of the other party,” he adds. Furthermore, Macalintal also points out that with the results of recounts of the ballots tallying with the electronic results, no one ever won an election protest even back on the 2010 automated elections. This theory of Macalintal is already proven wrong by Atty. Glenn Chong. Besides, Marcos’ case is the first protest at the national level to reach the recount stage.


Enrile Defends the Late Ferdinand Marcos

Senator Enrile also explains in a separate interview that atrocities during the Marcos era should be attributed to him. He is saying that he knows more than the Anti-Marcos media propagandists. What he says are the actual facts. The previous victors just wrote their history to highlight their supposed sacrifices for their own political advantage.

Marcos is Thankful to Supporters

Marcos is grateful for the support and love from those loyal to him. His supporters are staying by his side as his electoral protest is still pending. Currently, a pro-Marcos Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Teresita de Castro has been appointed by President Rodrigo Du30. She is only two months away from retirement. If Robredo managed to be VP overnight with the aid of Smartmatic, Marcos can also be the leader he is destined to be in the blink of an eye.

3 thoughts on “Bongbong Marcos is one with Gov. Imee to Move on from 1986 but Not on his Protest

  1. Yes BBM real VP

  2. These “anti- move on “just want to blame Marcos, nothing else.Unfortunately, they can no longer keep on fooling the people, more and more are now seeing the goodness of ML and Marcos. Thanks for the stupidity and incompetence of the corrupt Aquino government. Nagkaroon ng comparison


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