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Bongbong Marcos is the Next Golden Age President when Election Protest is Favored


By: Elena Grace Flores

The former senator Bongbong Marcos states that he does not take President Du30’s succession statement “so seriously.” Although, he points out that the chief executive is fully aware that Filipinos need his help. “I know he is still needed by this country,” he said. Marcos stresses that consumer interest will also have to be on the front seat of his administration. That is why former President and now Speaker of the House, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s leadership in the Congress is crucial as the champion for the economy. Marcos can become President as per Du30’s promise when he wins the election protest against Vice President Leni Robredo. This is very likely to happen after the appointment of the new Supreme Court Chief Justice, Teresita de Castro.

Youtube video by UNTV News and Rescue

[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos, handang maging presidente sakaling manalo sa election protest at magbitiw sa pwesto si Pangulong Du30.

Downplaying but Ready

Bongbong Marcos is ready to step up as president and will prioritize good governance if he succeeds Du30. But he still is downplaying the President’s remark for him to be a Malacanang Successor.

The Economy is a Priority

The improvement of the economy with the consumer’s interest in mind is an objective. “I think the President is doing all of this tongue-in-cheek,” Bongbong Marcos comments. This is an answer of the president’s remark that if Marcos will be guaranteed to succeed him, he would willingly give up the presidency.

Toppling Corruption

“Return of good governance.” That is Marcos’ answer when asked what would be his top three priorities if he becomes president. He is saying that there is no need to name three things, just that we have to return to good governance. This despite the issues of massive graft and corruption that toppled his father.

PCGG Status

The Presidential Commission on Good Governance, created by Cory Aquino, had the sole purpose of prosecuting the Marcoses. It aims to recover the vast amount of allegedly ill-gotten wealth from the Marcos family and their allies. Cases have been filed by the PCGG but to this day none has prospered, as Marcos explains.

Moving on after Election Protest

Now, the Congress is now planning to abolish the PCGG. This is taken by the Marcoses as a sign that the country has to move on. Imee Marcos made a speech about moving on to which she was criticized by Bam Aquino. Bongbong Marcos insists that they have nothing to be sorry for. Instead, Marcos believes that it is their duty to continue on his father’s blueprints and lead the country once more.

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