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Bongbong Marcos Looks Good after Shameless Claim of Alleged Martial Law Victims

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Several lawmakers and alleged victims of Martial Law issue a call after the President announces that the late President Ferdinand Marcos’s spokesman is willing to disclose the status of some wealth, including gold bars, to help the government’s deficit spending. They demand the return of all the perceived ill-gotten wealth. Set any condition for its return. Hold the Marcoses accountable for their patriarch’s strategy to preserve the economy through World Bank deposits.

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Shameful Claim

Loretta Ann Rosales who is a proud torture victim during the Marcos regime said that the Marcoses “will have to be accountable for something they took from the government. Du30 earlier said that they are now willing to give.” However, the President only said spokesman and no mention of any family member. Imelda Marcos even denies knowing about it. “That will be an admission that the father was a plunderer,” said Rosales. This is a clear sign of her bitterness if not greediness without knowing the facts.

Game Plan

Malacañang said the President looks after the Filipinos’ best interest. Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella clarifies that Du30 wants what was best for Filipinos. Anti-Marcos, Bonifacio Ilagan said that the offer is part of the Marcoses’ game plan to return to power. “Imee Marcos is going to run for senator in the next elections and Bongbong for president,” Ilagan said.

The Marcose Have Returned

Contrary to the fear of the Anti-Marcos supporters, the Marcoses are already back a long time ago. In fact, Imee Marcos is the current governor of Ilocos Norte while her mother, Imelda Marcos is a Congresswoman. Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest against VP Robredo is also ongoing. Perhaps, he will be Vice President once the Supreme Court rules in his favor after the recount.


It was obvious in Du30’s speech that he is very careful in his views about the Marcoses despite knowing the whole truth about the alleged hidden wealth. This shows that he is trying to be the President of all Filipinos, pro or anti-administration. He will do what is rightful as the law dictates. The Liberal Party people cannot just accept that their quest to block Bongbong Marcos from the Presidency is soon to fail.

Martial law victims slam Marcos deal

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  1. The wealth of FM deposited in various Banks Worldwide could only be taken without the cases filed in Court. Although most of the cases were won, there are yet to be decided. As time goes by, Imelda is getting old and the time is running out, that if the wealth is not taken right on time, it will be so hard in the future. Let the people know that the wealth was not illegally acquired. It is for the simple reason, that his wealth is greater than the entire budget of his entire regime.

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