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Bongbong Marcos Obeys the President’s Order on his Protest for the Good of the Country


By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos thanks President Rodrigo Du30 for the trust in his abilities. However, he urges him not to resign because the people still need him. His presidency is for the betterment of Filipino lives and the country, said Marcos. However, he already previously said that the President’s wish is his command. This was when Du30 advised him not to run for Senator and continue his electoral protest against Vice President Leni Robredo. He adheres to the President’s wisdom at that time. Now, Du30 announces his plan for him in the near future. Marcos is destined to be president so it seems. Perhaps not later but soon.

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[VIDEO]: Pres. Duterte, ‘di dapat magbitiw ayon kay Bongbong Marcos

The President’s Legible Choice

Du30 have already said before that when it comes to succession, he can only follow the constitution. He believes, however, that Bongbong Marcos is a qualified leader who is able to succeed him. Marcos’ electoral protest is still pending before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal. If he wins, however, then the president will be free to make good with his promise of resignation as Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque announces.

Rolling Heads Continue Under Du30

We should continue to expect more government officials to be sacked if corruption persists, because the president is not yet resigning. Roque comments of being an “Anti-graft dissemination corps” as he asks the Malacañang press corps the names of those who will be fired. Roque says that Du30 should just file a leave officially and designate the Executive Secretary as acting president. This is so he can follow the recommendation to take a break from work.

Not Power Hungry

Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano encourages the public to continue to pray for and support our president. We can take Du30’s readiness to step down as a sign that he is not power hungry. As the President remains a strong leader, he enjoys the people’s support.

Many Senators Agree with Atty. Glenn Chong on Marcos’ Protest

Meanwhile, in the program “Get It Straight with Daniel Razon”, Atty. Glenn Chong claims that even the senators acknowledged the fraudulent nature of the 2016 election. He claims that a senator who is also his friend is convinced of the evidence that he had presented. This senator can explain what went wrong in the digital national elections. Though it is not certain that he will tell the truth but Chong is willing to take the risk. Nevertheless, his coming out already confirms many Filipinos’ belief that Bongbong Marcos is indeed the real Vice President.

Erap Urges the President Not to Resign

Eventually, former President Erap as he is popularly called said; this is a crucial time and we need our president. Now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada is urging the President not to resign when they met for an event. The war on drugs needs to continue, Estrada says. This is in line with Marcos’ wish but as most people know, the Du30 possesses the wisdom that some cannot fathom.

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