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Bongbong Marcos on the National & Local Pandemic Jurisdiction


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Bongbong Marcos

National or Local?
Who should have jurisdiction over the policies when it comes to handling the pandemic? Bongbong Marcos advises to always look for detailed information from the local government. Not just a general response but a focused one. He said this during his visit to his friend, Vice Mayor and Acting Mayor Mike Rama in Cebu. So, the alliance display is very obvious.

The Role of the National Government

The vaccine supply, storage facility, and other devices must come from the national government. The safety protocols and distribution must adhere to the situation of local LGUs. However, the local leaders are seem to be under pressure in satisfying the requirements of the national government that are sometimes deemed unnecessary.

Cebu Alliance

Acting Mayor of Cebu City, Mike Rama invites Bongbong Marcos to grace his Cebu project. Marcos is one of the national guests of honors of the NOAH Complex. It was once an isolation facility for Covid-19 asymptomatic patients. Now, it can serve as a vaccination center. Since the infection rate has gone down. Marcos’ local experience can very well support the claim of Cebu’s able officials. That they should have jurisdiction over the matter. Which is necessary to balance the safety of its citizens with its economy.

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