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Bongbong Marcos Presidency Emerges as Celebrities and Politicians Fight Againts Media Propaganda

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It took a long while but it is clearly happening now that the right wing led by the Duterte administration and supported unknowingly by American celebrities pave the way to the clearance of the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos and in the process of doing so, Bongbong Marcos emerges as the possible sustitute of Duterte in a not so distant future a President of the Philippines.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Celebrities and Politicians against media propaganda pave the way for the Bongbong Marcos presidency. A real proof that his father, the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos was just a victim of fake news.

Celebrities suffered the same way as Marcos

A negative publicity is still a publicity. This is probably why it took  a long time for celebrities to  go out into the open denying false reports. It however come into a point that media lies in front of their faces – causing them to cry faul. As Denzel Washington said, journalists have the responsibility to tell the truth. So, if you can’t you cannot be called as such.

What Does American Media Know?

As per the New York Times:  In the Philippines, the 68-year-old Mr. Marcos is widely described as the nation’s most decorated war hero. The Philippine Government says he won 32 medals for heroism during World War II, including two from the United States Army. Two of the medals were for his activities as a guerrilla leader, but the rest were for exploits before the United States surrender in 1942 or after the return of United States forces to Luzon, the main Philippine island, in 1945. (Which Philippine government is the source? The Aquino Government?)

Local Military Records

According to GMA:  Though the late President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. is not considered by the State as a national hero, he can be considered as such based on military standards, Solicitor General Jose Calida said Wednesday.
“Based on military standards, given to a medal of valor awardee, former President Marcos fits to the definition of a hero,” Calida said at the continuation of the oral arguments before the Supreme Court.

It takes a little bit of Common Sense

Why believe the American Media echoed by some local media when the official military records and testimonies of the co-soldiers of Marcos say otherwise? This is probably the reason why Duterte is furious with the Americans and people cannot blame him for that. Most of their media giants are liars – as their own fellow American Denzel Washington implied.

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