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Bongbong Marcos’ Priorities as President Need the Gold Reserves


By: Elena Grace Flores

by NPC Philippines

Public Ulitilies Must be Government Subsidized
Bongbong Marcos intends to prevent the oil price increase shock. This is possible by control its 3 components. Power generation can improve also with the current technology. No entity must be able to control the entire processes of such utilities, he added. The country is now drowning in the NPC or the National Petroleum Council debts. He vows to restore the original concept without political favors. Although these entail huge expenses. Why do you think he’s so confident? All these require gold. If so, these are good.

Build Build Build of Duterte is Right

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s Build Build Build project is right, reiterated Marcos. When other countries are struggling with their economy, the infrastructure projects nationwide are non-stop. Bongbong Marcos swears to continue this. After all, it’s his father’s blueprint. Perhaps using the Marcos gold as well since funding is enormous for the government budget.

Duterte’s Pending Policies Must Continue

Bongbong Marcos is sure to implement the pending policies of the president. He clarifies that if people are sure that he’s done well in his public projects, they must support him to realize them. Regardless of if he is still in office or not. For one, he is certain of the President’s efforts. That’s why the Marcoses work with him. Does this have something to do with the country’s gold reserves?

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