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Bongbong Marcos’ Proclamation after Robredo’s Term Floats


By: Elena Grace Flores

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CJ Peralta assures fair decision on Marcos poll protest vs Robredo

Bongbong Marcos’ Proclamation

Supreme Court Chief Justice Diosdado Peralta said a few months ago that he’s not favoring the Marcoses. The burial of the late President Ferdinand Marcos was the only Marcos case he authors for. Therefore, the proclamation of Bongbong Marcos under his term would rely mostly on the outcome of the protest proceeding. Since it’s 2 years already prior to the next national election, it floats via social media that Marcos’ proclamation can happen shortly before or right after Leni Robredo’s term as Vice President.

Surviving Covid-19

Meanwhile, the former Senator features on his vlogs possible remedies on how to improve the lives of Filipinos before and right after the pandemic. This is after his own survival from the virus. He has some economic measures in mind. All of them consider the plight of the majority. He campaigns to strongly embrace technology to be competitive. Marcos also calls on the government and the people to have plans in aiding OFWS, seafarers, and other online workers and laborers with livelihood infrastructures.

2022 Presidential Plan

Should the proclamation of Marcos come as Robredo’s term ends, this could easily put him in the hot seat for the presidency. His win could be the justification for the unfair plight in 2016. However, if it’s the other way around, he would be in line with other candidates and must strategize seriously to win some votes from his unlikely voters. Nevertheless, there’s no better time for him to run as president but in 2022.

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5 thoughts on “Bongbong Marcos’ Proclamation after Robredo’s Term Floats

  1. Why is it that the SC have to wait to
    Proclaim the true winner of the 2016 election until the end of lugaw term ? It is unfair to the Filipinos who voted to the Real Vp while this fake VP Robredo is enjoying the position while she was not the winner and she has no right to enjoy after all she is Fake .
    God bless to the real VP BBM

    1. Yan ang Masaklap na katotohanan, masakit man aminin pero totoo, nagpapatunay Lang na ang batas natin ay singkupad ng pagong…. Huwag po kayong magagalit, opinion ko Lang….

  2. If bongbong wins. Robredo should pay averything that cost. Mayaman naman si robredo kayang kaya nya yan bayaran.

    1. robreso’s wealth is due to the death of his husband that is called ‘blood money’ and the money that pnoy gave her to run fpr vp to roxas.

  3. We can’t wait for Bongbong to rule our country.He is the only hope to make this country Great Again, he is capable and has a huge experience from being a Governor and as Senator.He has fresh ideas and useful just like the Windmills that makes Ilocos a pioneer in renewable energy. I will vote for BongBong 1000%.

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