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Bongbong Marcos’ Search for Truth has Become Very Expensive – Robredo Must Disclose P8 M Source when Paid


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

With the insistence of Atty. Romulo Macalintal of the Robredo’s camp that Bongbong Marcos should pay P185 M instead of just P66 M as ordered by PET, Atty. Vic Rodriguez of the Marcos camp reiterated that Marcos’ search for truth has gotten very expensive. Thereby, online supporters demand that Leni Robredo must disclose the source of funds when he pays the P8 M ordered by the court.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: The lawyer of former senator Bongbong Marcos is accusing the camp of VP Leni Robredo of delaying the election protest proceedings after the latter sought clarification from the tribunal about its order that she pay for her protest.

Atty. Vic Rodriguez’s Say

“We complied with the ruling of the tribunal and they did not. So I think they missed their chance and we will move for the dismissal of their counter-protest,” Rodriguez said. “That way, the whole process will be able to run its natural course unimpeded with unnecessary delays being filed by the ‘protestee’,” he added. He said this after explaining that the law is clear.

Netizen’s Call

Since Marcos discloses his sources of funds and provided a verifiable list of his donors just to comply with the PET’s order despite falling on a holiday, netizens call on Robredo to also do the same. They demand that her sources must be known since she said that she needs time to come up with the money – and as a government official, she cannot receive contributions just like Marcos.

SC’s Requirement

Both are required to pay the cash deposits in two installments on or before April 14 and June 14. However, given April 14 fell on Good Friday, a national holiday, the deadline was moved to April 17. Marcos paid P36 million to the Supreme Court to comply for his electoral protest against Robredo. Robredo however failed to pay the P8 M first tranche to the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court is Lenient to Robredo

Marcos’ dismissal plea for Robredo’s counter protest was disregarded by the PET. Instead, they extended the deadline to five days more after their decision on the issue on 25 April 2017. On top of that, they have deferred the electoral protest of Marcos to allow Robredo to pay within the specified time limit.

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  1. the disclosure of the source is DEFINITELY A MUST! otherwise for all we know it comes from the OVP budget. it should be pointed out that it’s her PERSONAL EXPENSE not the taxpayer’s..

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