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Bongbong Marcos: The Country’s Endless Wealth Lies in Helping Each Other

By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos’ virtue of kindness is evident even from the start of his recent BBM Vlog #46 video to his dog. His friends stress this trait of him as his advantage in politics. He is kind not just to people in the higher bracket but to everybody. Like what Bongbong Marcos insinuates; the endless wealth of the country can be done by helping each other. Marcos is a hands-on person in his work as a public servant with or without a title. He is blessed with a great wife. His La Salle peers said that their camaraderie up to this stage became possible through the great man who has a great woman behind him.z

YouTube video byBongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: Filming this vlog was a trip down memory lane. Looking back, I have been blessed with good times and great friends.

Behaving Like a Juvenile Delinquent

Marcos and his peers are already in their senior years. However, when they have their La Salle Homecoming, they seem to be the boys in shorts as they were during their youth. The son of the late President Ferdinand Marcos is glad that his batch mates are already retired and they can always participate in their social activities in Baguio and elsewhere. In fact, they can act like juvenile delinquents again as he fondly puts it.

Marcos’ Peers in their Senior Years

No competition but brotherhood is the reason why Marcos’ group are intact from then until now. They help each other in whatever endeavor they face. In a country where crab mentality is a culture, this is a breakthrough. One might be okay but if his or her peers are not, it won’t be a happy circumstance. This is a crucial model under the leadership of Marcos when all Filipinos are treating each other kindly. Looking at social media posts, unity is far fetched.

Behind the Success of a Great Man is a Great Woman

In the verge of successes, the virtue of kindness of Marcos can’t be hidden, He is a sincere, warm, and a down to earth person, according to his batch mates. They said that they are very lucky to have Marcos as their brother who is a steward of his father and his own gifts. They are also thankful to his wife, Liza Araneta Marcos who is the woman behind this great man who is the key to their camaraderie.

Marcos’ Hands-On Style of Working

The former governor used to invite his friends to Ilocos when he was still in that position. This was his response when one of his mates tracks him down to participate during their initial homecoming. Despite being hands-on to his constituents’ needs, he manages to return the important call. These friends saw his dedication and good intention for his people and they are one in his service to Filipinos.

Endless Giving and Taking of Wealth

Their 45th homecoming marks their being in the hall of fame. The Marcoses might be wealthy but having friends who voluntarily donate to their charity is vital on his destiny as a future Philippine leader. The law of nature says that the more you give, the more you receive. Therefore, happiness and wealth can overflow only if people learn to be kind like Marcos’ example.

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